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Classic Prawn and avocado salad or Avocado Ritz

Prawn Cocktail 1

Classic Prawn and avocado salad



Preparation time 25 min

Cooking time 5 min

Ready in 20 min

Recipe yields 6 130g portions
This is one of the most classic starter salads on menu’s all around the world. Prawns and avocado’s complement each other in such a perfect way. There are so many variations of this salad and it can be presented in the avocado or in cocktail glasses or just by using a pastry cutter or stack mold as I have done here in this recipe. I was using this presentation back in the mid-nineties when working in London as a chef and it was all the rage. It’s a bit of a dated presentation but still works well for portion control as you can weigh each portion in small disposable cups before stacking it in a 40mm stacking mold helping to ensure each portion is equal. A different take on this could be by presenting it on a Coz leaf topped with a small dice of trio coloured sweet peppers topped with baby croutons to add some crunch to the recipe. I have added a hint on Paprika to add some bite to the salad and some lemon zest to compliment the prawns. The mango chutney adds some sweetness to the recipe and the juice of the lemon cuts through the richness of the crème fraiche




300g peeled shelled prawns you can use shrimps if you prefer

100g Butter to fry the prawns if you don’t steam them.

A good few grinds of ground black pepper

1/4 tsp. Himalayan pink salt

1 Lemon peeled and zested add the juice and the zest to the prawns

1 Coz lettuce for garnish

250g tub of crème fraiche

100ml creamy mayonnaise
½ Tsp Paprika, masala or Tabasco you can leave this out if you don’t want the heat.

2 Diced Avocado’s
1 Punnet Cherry tomato’s
30g fresh coriander to garnish

3 tbls mango chutney



Defrost the prawns and steam or pan fry them to cook. Don’t overcook the prawns or they will become rubbery. Set aside the prawns to cool. Mix the lemon zest juice mango chutney, paprika mayonnaise, crème fraiche and season with salt and black pepper for the dressing. Dice one avocado and lightly fold through the cooled prawns with the dressing. The other avocado will be used to slice thinly and present on the top of the salad. Cut the Coz lettuce and using the leaf ends place them in a circle to present the prawn salad onto. Place the 40mm stacking ring on the center and spoon the mixture into the ring. Remove the ring and garnish with thin slices of avocado cherry tomato halves and fresh coriander to top the salad for height.



Chef’s tip

You can weigh each portion before plating if you are not sure how to estimate each portion. You can use any diameter stacking ring if you don’t have a 40mm size. You can also top the salad with some cooked prawns to finish the presentation



About Dean Dickinson

I am a passionate chef with high standards to food and a love for food photography. I love developing new concepts and menu ideas always looking to set new standards with a very competitive nature. I spent 7 years working in some of the best kitchens in London. My career started working in a pub kitchen at the Queens head in Marylabone st in 95 and quickly moved on to the production kitchens of Harrods where I spent 6 months learning how to prepare gourmet terrines, amazing sandwiches and my first experience of fine dinning in the Georgian restaurant. I moved on to various kitchens in London improving each time I moved and learning a variety of skills along the way. I had the opportunity to work on some of the UK landmark events including Wimbledon tennis catering for the royal box and the common wealth games in 2000. I worked my way to Executive head chef of Goldman Sachs feeding an average of 4000 staff each day. I then moved on to work for Canape's Direct as Development chef where we product up to 30 000 canapes a day for various London events. I started my own Kitchen called South African Table in London in 2001 before moving back to South Africa at the end of 2002 to start Imagination Food Design.
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